Principal's Message



Dear Quailwood Cougars;


We are excited to begin yet another amazing year of learning.  This starts with our continued commitment and dedication to our Quailwood Passion Statement, which is rooted in the belief that all kids can and will learn.  We use data driven instruction and assessments to ensure we are meeting our kids where they are at. We feel strongly that good attendance matters. If kids are not at school, they miss out on important direct instruction. We take great pride in partnering with our families to provide support, not just school wide, but district wide, and we firmly believe it is a team effort in preparing our kids for their futures.  They are, after all, the future of this great country. We especially believe that the emotional safety of our students is of the utmost importance because as we all know, learning will not and cannot happen if a child does not feel safe or loved.  


We believe reading is the core skill needed to succeed in all other areas of learning. Because of this, Quailwood teachers and staff remain steadfast in our commitment to help all students improve their reading skills with our Walk to Learn model. Students have intentional, small group instruction 5 days a week for 55 minutes per day.  Students who still struggle will have an additional 30 minutes of targeted, skill-based instruction, including regular progress monitoring.  We believe attendance is crucial to ensure that all students are receiving this important reading instruction.


Along with our Math Blocks, this year we are adding a Math Specialist to push into our 6th Grade Classrooms. We are also adding Tier 2 support for our 1st & 2nd graders who struggle in math. Our goal is to eventually bring extra math support to all students who struggle. We are proud to have a district Math TOSA who supports all our teachers in the core math curriculum. We will continue to use IReady to supplement and support our students in their core math curriculum as well as for our math diagnostic assessments.


We ask that you regularly log into Aeries, (our Student Information System), to see your child’s grades, progress reports, report cards, CAASPP Scores, and attendance.  Please call the office if you have any trouble logging in. 


Our staff firmly believes the most important resource we have is in our parents and families.  Working together, our kids will achieve great things.  Communication is crucial, so please be sure you are able to access ParentSquare for classroom and important school updates and announcements.  This feature makes it easy to communicate with your teacher, Mrs. Olinger and/or Mr. Musick, and the District Office.  This, along with our Quailwood and Fruitvale School District Websites are our main forms of communication.  There are also helpful links for troubleshooting both Aeries and ParentSquare on our websites. 


We look forward to a wonderful year ahead.   Go Cougars!


Warm Regards,

Mrs. Olinger, Quailwood Principal

We Can’t Hide  Our Cougar Pride!